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The 1.4 FD P-Tower was a light anti-vehicle fixed emplacement artillery weapon produced by Atgar SpaceDefense Corporation. Manufactured by Atgar SpaceDefense Corporation, the 1.4 FD P-Tower was a light laser cannon[1] employed as a fixed emplacement anti-vehicle weapon. It was designed to target a variety of enemy vehicles, including repulsortanks and landspeeders,[4] although it had difficulty targeting fast-moving vehicles.[3] The unit was quick to produce.

The main bulk of the weapon was a 2.8 meter high energy dish that had sixteen micropower routers spaced evenly along the outer edge,[1] and eight power conversion cell along the interior of the dish. Targeting sensors were placed on the upper edge of the dish, and a single light laser cannon emanated from the center of the dish.[5] To fire the weapon, energy was fed directly into each micropower router which held the charge until the firing computer registered that the Energy Conversion Point had been achieved.[1] The power conversion cells around the dish glowed once the weapon was primed to fire.[7] At that point, the firing computer channelled the energy from the router into the main power converter located at the center of the dish, firing the weapon.[1] The energy beam moved through the discharge barrel, into the galven circuitry and through the focusing lens to produce a low-power beam that was effective against vehicles and aircraft.[5]

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