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"Give us your carrion! Give us your bodies! So that all shall be united into one flesh! One body! One mind! All united as one!"

-14th Hive during the early stages of the Second Nercomorph War

The 14th Hive is the 14th incarnation of The Hive variety of the Nercomorphs. Considerably smarting then the rest of the virus, the 14th Hive serves as the leader of the Nercomorphs during the Second Nercomorph War. The 14th Hive's destruction sparked the end of the Second Necromorph War.


In 2199 N.E., an the Necromorphs appeared in a neighbouring galaxy within the Fop'lla Universe which was set up by a group of Unitologist fanatics to spread the markers, only to be confronted by the Ultramarines under the command of Organ Cassius, leading to the battle of the Jupenitus Sector to purge the Necromorhs and its fanatic members for several years.


Quite the literally the size of a Galaxy, specifically the size of 10 million star galaxy, the 14th Hive is a horrific amalgamation of untold octillions upon octillions upon octillions of corpses merged together to created a massive biomass that many universes have never seen before. In fact, many scientists, if they're not horrific by it, are baffled by its' very exist as something that big organically shouldn't be possible.




  • Organ Cassius during the Necromorph invasion: “This infestation shall spread no further! Purge this cancer! Cast the heretics into the pits of hell where they belong!!!”


  • It speaks via telepathy amplified by the Markers, and the way it speaks is deeply unsettlingly, being something akin to a chorus of trillions speaking at once. Most folks when they hear it are often meet with intense headaches over the amount of invasive psychic power that occurs.