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7 Hours War
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1350 N.E.


1350 N.E.




Combine Victory
Golmar Earth falls under Combine Occupation.
Official start of the First Multiverse War

Major battles
  • Battle of Florida

Empire of the Combine Race

Golmar Earth Governments and Military

Golmar Earth Soldiers fighting against the combines during the 7 Hour War

The Seven Hour War was a brief but decisive confrontation between the Combine and the governments of the Earth , ultimately leading to a large human death toll and the Combine occupation of the entire planet. It has also been said that this invasion is the main start of the First Multiverse War. This war is one of the more well-known war in the 'Hour Wars' that was coined after the First war to describe the Combines brutally short wars.

One of the most brutal battles of this conflict was the Battle of Florida in which more than 3 million humans lost their lives.

Two Combine Soldiers during the Battle of Florida.


First Hour

The first hour saw massive arieal bomardments against multiple major countries of Golmar Earth being struck along with a heavy air assualt by the combine. Around 200-400 Golmar earth fighers managed to get airborne but their short range overall and being outclassed lead to massive losses and little more than a minor dent into the Combine airpower.

During this hour the Combine prepared ground invasion along with the Battle of Florida being a key site in Ameirca for its close access to the sea along with key urban areas for stirkes on civillian morale.

Second Hour

Ground troops are deployed and the Battle of Florida begins. Remaining Golmar earth fighters in America are directed to Florida along with any near by military assets. During this hour the first combine starship decends from orbit.

Third Hour

Euorpe falls negoiating peace with the Combine with the Middle East surrendering in the closing hours. Western America surrenders with the first attacks of Asia and Africa begining during this hour.

Fourth Hour

Battle of Florida reaches its climax with the first combine naval loss along with the first assualt driven back. Asia proves more difficult than Combine admirals had thought with Australia and New Zealeand surrendering within the Fourth hour.

Fifth Hour

Second assualt begins in the Battle of Florida. Eastern America falls with only Florida now providing resistance. Air assets are concentrated over Asia.

Six Hour

China launches several nukes across the globe aiming to wipe out humanity and trying to make the earth uninhabitable for the Combine. The Combine manage to intercpet most of the nukes but three slip through hitting Egypt, Western America and India. The cities hit were san francisco, Cario and New Delhi.

Seventh and Final Hour

China falls and the Battle of Florida concludes with the American army and air force surrendering. The Occupation of Golmar Earth begins. San Francisco, Cario and New Delhi are all desinated nuclear radiated zones and are abondened. 100 nautical miles of San franisco are nuclear radiated same for Cario and New Delhi.

During the occupation of Golmar earth all Golmar earth nuclear assests were siezed and discontrusted with new Combine ones set up in their place and were given an manual meltdown activation that would render the nuclear reactor sites unusable. The begining occupation of Golmar earth saw heavy resistance of Afganistan and the middle east along with Africa. Unable to control these populations the Combine just exterminated these parts of Golmar earth by orbital bomardment followed by a large scale combine ground force that swept through the areas and searched every single cave until the last remaining survivors were killed.