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9965 NE Coup

June 1st, 9965 NE


June 4st, 9965 NE


San Francisco (Arcadia City), Duyi'zu Earth


Duyi'zu local government overthrown.
Capital is temporally moved to Elysium City, Xi'llia Terra Nova
Military Junta Government led by General Donver assumed power


Federal Government

  • Office of the President
  • Grand General Administration
  • Community of Heroes

Federation loyal generals Majority of the Federal Armed Forces

Elements of Federated Armed Forces

  • Federal Army
  • Federal Navy
  • Federal Air Force
  • Federal Home guard

New Order

The 9965 NE Coup or the Bloody Election Day and the Duyi'zu Coup was one of the most bloodthirsty event during the second phase of the Kherhan offensive


During the time of the planning of the Kherhan offensive that they couldn’t simply attack from the outside as they would eventually be forced to stop and would only slightly dent to the Federation they needed to attack them not only from the outside but also the inside so one of it’s Commanders would be given the task to cause discomfort among the enemy Forces and cause them to uprise in favor of the New Order. This would also make that other people for example in the S.U.S.E to fracture two that way they can fight of individual enemies rather than a unified force that they wouldn’t be certain that they could perhaps face.