The A2 Viking Armored Mechanical Hybrid[1] is a terran unit with the ability to transform between a ground unit ("Assault mode") and an air unit ("Fighter mode"). A ship used to support other terran forces,[2] the Viking's transformation ability was based heavily on that of the siege tank.[3] In its aerial mode, Vikings are classified as air superiority fighters. The walker mode is considered more important.[4] They can be paired with gunships and airspeeders (i.e T-47 airspeeder) for operations as air cavalry.[5] The Viking is equipped with a large reactor—housed in the central area of the vehicle—that powers all electrical systems and provides torque for walker mode locomotion. A set of thrusters in the Viking’s underbelly, which allow for hover/VTOL capabilities, keep it stable during transformations, and four low bypass turbines generate propulsion during flight. The pilot’s seat has more than double the straps, pads, and packing than any other fighter craft to account for the violent ups and downs the vehicle undergoes when switching from aircraft to walker mode.

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