The AH/G-24 Banshee Tactical-Strike Aircraft is a VTOL aircraft. The Banshee is powered by relatively low-thrust and inexpensive VTOL turbofans capable of operating only in an atmosphere. The turbofans are sturdy, simple in design, and relatively easy to maintain. They allow for indefinite loitering with minimal noise, which is perfect for stealth operations. The fans allow the Banshee to be dropped from orbit, but are incapable of attaining escape velocity.However, Banshees are outfitted with special propulsion systems only used in space.In addition to the fans, the Banshee has a fantail rotor assembly used for steering and banking. The Banshee is heavily optimized for its intended role. Its standard armament is air-to-ground Backlash rockets. Additional armament options were also developed. Kel-Morian Banshees were armed with rapid-firing projectile weaponry capable of striking aerial targets. By the Second War, Banshees could carry the Shockwave missile battery, which bombarded a longer linear area ahead of the aircraft, rather than just a smaller circular point as with the default Backlashes. They were used by the Alliance of Nations,Imperialist Alliance and the Nationalist Alliance.

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