Aayla Secura, born Aaylas'ecura, was a female Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master in the Alliance of Nation's Joint Military, who served with distinction as a General during the Multiversal Conflicts. She served as a Padawan under the tutelage of Quinlan Vos, and later, Vos' own master Tholme. Both Secura and Vos survived a brush with the dark side early in their Jedi training, though she later proved herself worthy of knighthood. She is part of the Ciz'lokki conflict

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Aayla Secura was an empathic and highly intelligent Jedi but was also impulsive and somewhat mischievous. She was a good leader and a skilled tactician and her quick thinking earned her the respect of many clone troopers during the timeline. Secura was also strong willed as she was able to resist the pheromones of the Falleen, Zenex.[source?] Her given name, Aayla, was common for female Twi'leks and it meant 'smoke' or 'mist' in Ryl.[38]

Secura's attire was practical, albeit somewhat revealing. She also wore ornate jewelry on her navel. When going to sleep, she usually wore an ornate red and gold floral robe, although she tended to leave it wide open, exposing her body in the process.[39]

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