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The Abomination Virus's Reawakening, otherwise known as the His'kilooi Earth Outbreak of 2419 and to people of His'kilooi Earth as the 'Screaming Death' was a major outbreak that occurred on the planet His'kilooi Earth in the year 2419 as a result of the Abomination Virus's sentience reawakening after an untold millennium of dormancy unleash its' horror upon the unsuspected people of His'kilooi Earth. Within the first week of its' reawakening, the Virus spread and consumed 50% of the total population, all of whom were Quirked, and turned into horrific 'Thralls'. Soon enough these infected attacked those that weren't infected, either naturally immune or immunized by Allied forces as they set up makeshift quarantines across the planet but all it did was slow down the infected as they quickly killed 75% of the remaining 50% before the Virus sentience died due to the actions of an unnamed hero, leaving the once intelligence viral horde as simple beast, easily dispatched. However, not without firebombing and even nuclear bombings of cities too far gone or completely overrun. By the end of the roughly month-long outbreak, only 25% of the original population remained, with more than 75% either killed or infected, leaving the planet devastated for over a century. Within days after the outbreaks' end, the Allied Assembly placed the entire planet under martial law where it remained till 2530. And while the outbreak only lasted for a month, the scars from it has left its' mark on the people of His'kilooi Earth for generations to come

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