The Acclamator II-class assault ship, also referred to as the Acclamator II-class transgalactic military assault ship, was an assault ship based on the Acclamator-class assault ship that was first used by the Galactic Republic near the end of the Clone Wars. The Acclamator II-class was designed primarily to carry out orbital bombardments, and as such its troop complement was reduced by nearly eighty percent in order to make room for the added weaponry.[1] Under the Axis of Empires, Acclamator II-class assault ships were often used to reinforce the defense of Cardan-class space stations.[4] Built by Rothana Heavy Engineering and used by the Old Republic during the Clone Wars, the Acclamator II was, unlike its predecessor, a fully-fledged warship. Whereas the first class was designed as a troop transport capable of carrying and landing over 16,000 soldiers, the Acclamator II replaced much of the internal troop accommodation with additional hangar space and armament suited to planetary bombardment and ship-to-ship combat. Although principally used by the Allies, ships of this class continued to see service in the Axis Navy and were also seen in the hands of many other groups, including the Horde. At least forty of them were also used by the Alliance of Nations at the Expedition of Lyratia.[5]

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