The Aeden Universe, often dubbed the Mysterious Universe, the Unknown Dimension, and the Great Question Mark, is an unknown universe that exists beyond the Known Multiverse sharing some parallels to other universes, yet at the same time not so similar either. Some believe this universe was found by pioneers to escape the Multiversal Wars (specifically the First and Second Multiverse Wars) centuries ago or further back to explore, but one day in the times of great crisis, the portals ceased for long periods of time and trapping the colonists of several worlds. But centuries onwards those worlds grew to become Civilizations, exploring much of the Aeden Universe. It is home to a powerful and mysterious species who was said to once inhabit the Aeden Universe.

History Edit

Birth of the UniverseEdit

The universe known as Aeden was created like many others through a big bang untold eons ago, creating planets, stars, galaxies like all other universes, and eventually life. The first forms of civilizations grew and expanded beyond their parent worlds to explore the young universe or claim for themselves.

Age of EldersEdit

Around some time in its vast and ancient history the Aeden Universe was visited by the Precursors to study and place under their protection when encountered unique beings that have taken interesting evolutionary paths. The Aden Universe was untouched during their war with the Ylikith, either by the Precursors or the first species to hide it from anyone from searching for it for a long period of time. This gave the current races to learn from the Precusors and focus on the path of exploring possible dimensions for potential allies and safe havens should their own universe be once again in danger of being found. Creating gateways and wormholes to travel through and when one day they leave, their legacy will be found by future civilizations to discover them and one day travel across the universe and beyond the barriers.

Age of AncientsEdit

Great DiscoveryEdit

Celestial wormhole

The Celestial Rift

While during so, new species will evolve, empires rise, and fall over countless centrillions of years as some of the remaining first ones who came to be referred by the modern era as "Ancients of Aeden". Among the newest races were the Kekerik, an advance race of techno-organic hybrids who have expanded and explored their native galaxy who were among the native inhabitants to discover a celestial gateway they named the Celestial Rift, a natural portal that drawn their curiosity and studied it, sending probes through the wormhole and amazed to discover that unlike most wormholes and gates to travel other parts of the universe, but into another. Several species decided to come together and began exploring, cautious of what they encounter. While finding numerous worlds and species beyond anything they encountered, the T'borin during their exploration found something interesting that many universes have become connected through portals and dimensional rifts which by their theory should not be possible without breaking the barriers between universes, unless they have stable or created by unknown forces like their own. 

The Dreh'Kah drones came across a world with two more machine factions fighting one another, once collected data on them when trying to avoid being caught in their war without further knowledge. Fascinated by their abilities to transform from a machine into vehicles and even non-sentient lifeforms. Both the Dreh'Kah and Sovra soon found another dimensional tear, another species invading one world and decided to offer help when learning of their hostilities, making first contact with a hostile force known as the Chimera launching a raid onto a fleet of travelers. Easily driven them out of the star system with minimal casualties and made a good impression on the pioneers who were trying who gained their trust, unable to find any new home with so many universes caught in the Great War between the Axis of Empires, the Coalition of Independent States and the Alliance of Nations.

The news reached back to the Aeden Universe and feared they may have stumbled across something they shouldn't have and become fearful that they may be pulled into an interdimensional war, unable to risk it but willing to offer these refugees that were saved available spaces in their universe for trade and exchange of resources in return for knowledge of what they know beyond Aeden: planets, governments, species and technologies for potential use when it is time to emerge. The representatives of those species that fled from their homes agreed in an offer for new homes to settle and recover to one day return to their homeworlds.

Recieving fleets of colonists and refugees with nowhere to go and pass through the Celestial Rift during the times of the Multiverse Wars, with capabilities to travel to galaxies within days was possible, but knowing there are vast unexplored regions of the universe, some could be home to unknown forces and relics left by the Ancients of Aeden. The races of the Aeden universe began to come together into forming their own alliance and would offer those who wish to join, perhaps one day to join the Alliance in the future.

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