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Rune for the Aeldari race in the Aeldari Lexicon

The Aeldari' ('also known as' Hamo E'li'ker by the Second Human Empire) are an independent faction known for their guerilla tactics against the Empire of the Combine Race, the Coalition of Independent States, and the Alliance of Nations. Once a vast empire, they had fell victim to the Combine millions of years ago, forcing them into taking refugee within their Craftworlds. Years later, the Aeldari began to encounter new races including the Imperium of Man , the Orks, the Chimera, the Helghast Empire, the Germanican Empire and even the Forces of Chaos, seeing them as barbarians. As a result, the Aeldari became "terrorists" within the eyes of the younger races and became known as "Xenophobic Morons" by their own people within the Second Human Empire. Farseer Taldeer is the supreme leader of her people and plans to keep her people from becoming extinct, as they are now endangered once again by the Axis of Empires, the Coalition, and the Allies. Until 2356, somepoint after the Third Human Civil War, they joined the Alliance because of increased Combine Military force within the Fop'lla Universe. The United Republic of Columbia, in which it has a small minority of Aeldari, usually discriminates them and places surveillance upon them and enforce a two-child policy to keep them from outnumbering the Anglo-Saxon majority. The Task Force 141 had a small number of Aeldari, usually during the First Battle in Kamina.

other Info[]

A group of Eldar in combat.

Within the Second Human Empire, are known by it's civilians that the Aeldari were created by the Human Race as a Sub-species but after the Universial Uprising over a Centrillion Years again, the species was split between those who later joined the Second Human Empire, and those who went to the Fop'lla Universe to bulit an Empire of their own. When having a relation ship with the Combine, the do not see them as an oppressor nor an invader. instead, they see them as looters and scoundrels who seek to take away the racial purity of the Eldar.