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The Aeon Illuminate is an faction in the Qioo'lik universe. They are made up of humans that follow The Way, the philosophy of the Seraphim aliens found years ago before they were wiped out by xenophobic humans led by Commander Smith. During humanity’s second great expansion into galactic space, Commander Trent Smith of the Earth Empire led a group of scientists and colonists to Seraphim II, a planet approximately five times the size of earth. Here, for the first time, humanity encountered intelligent alien life. Commander Smith, following previously untested protocol for dealing with intelligent alien species, quarantined the planet and refused to establish communications so as not to reveal Earth’s position. The Aeon Illuminate joined the Coalition of Independent States

The Aeon Illuminate are Xenophobes and are a very religous organisation wanting to spread something they call the way which they discovered from the Serapthim before their annihlation by Xenophoic soilders via nuclear weaponry. What the "way" is is never stated though it could be something of getting close to peace.