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Officer Aeryn Sun was a former Peacekeeper pilot, fugitive, the wife of John Crichton and founders of the Task Force 141. Aeryn starts out the series as a cold, calloused militant woman who has no qualms about showing her disdain for people whom she considers to be members of "lesser species". John is shocked to find out that she does not even know the meaning of the word "compassion" as there appears to be no Sebacean linguistic equivalent to it. Aeryn had believed in her life of rules and service, and continues following many of the codes she adhered to as a Peacekeeper for the early-mid part of the first war and the later as a TF141 Operative in the later parts of First War. For Aeryn, firing a weapon is nearly a therapeutic act, as it relates to the arena of experience where she is most comfortable.




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