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Delta Clion'acl Akame


Not to be confused with Alptha Clion'jacl Akame, the Alliance of nations Delta clion'jacl Akame was famous for her combat abilities and became the hearld of the Vanquiser. Her universe was found before the confrontation of the oarbrugh clan and with direct Alliance of Nations intervention her universe was changed.

Her powers and abilities are largely the same to Alptha Clion'jacl Akame and Beta Clion'jacl universe excpet history. She was the younger variant of the two alternate Akames and is their past self who was a little inexpeirenced. When she was an adult she became force sensitive and developed some minor mort powers that enchanced her speed and combat cababilties.

She is the wife of Green a member of night raid (Delta Clion'jacl).

powers and abilites

Delta Clion'jacl while having the same combat abiltie like Beta Clion'jacl Akame she is adept in a mutlitude of different languages within the Multiverse. Her military language understanding is well above expectations from training and is able to operate some simple machineary to being able to pilot a mech prototype without the training in doing so. Her firearms training is more advanced than Alptha and beta clion'jacl variants of herself.

Akame deomonstrated the ability to be able to use force push and pull along with freeze, her light saber combat skills were noteworthy of being able to rival that of a Jedi master which isnt suprising considering how Delta Clion'jacl grew up as an assassin. For some reason she choice the colour red for her light saber which she thought was more fitting besides the blue and green kyber crystals, this has sometimes confused plenty of Jedi and almost caused a few fights with them because of this.


  • Green (delta clion'jacl) - husband, the two shared a deep intimate relationship that took a decade to develope, she was more or less promted by the Beta clion'jacl Akame to cherish everything she currently has as she could have lost as much as she did, especially as the horrors of the First mutliverse war threatened to end in an combine of Empires victory.
  • Kurome (delta clion'jacl): while her relationship is a little strained as kurome sufferes from a drug taking addiction courtesy of the Empire, she goes out of her way to protect her little sister in any way she can.


Night raid all members

Merriad Oarbrugh (formerly) - almost had an intense sexual relationship especially as Merriad tried pushing her sexuality onto Akame, she also killed Merriad Oarbrugh as all attempts to negoitate with her broke down except with her clan members who were willing to join.

Alliance of Nations callsign

Red eye: English meaning of Akame's name