Picture of Alexi before the First War, he was potrayed by Brian Drummond in Great Multiverse: The Search for Skywalker

"well ain't ya a sweet"

-Alexi to his First-born Daughter after he finally meet her during the First war

"I'm already in an ocean planet's worth of blood, y'all are going to have a ocean planet's worth of blood yourself by the end of this gawdamn war...So, let me ask ya this... How can you wash away blood, when the faucets have blood dripping out of 'em"

-Alexi to his comrades early into the First War

General Alexi Scott, birth name: Alexi Michael Robert Paul Anthony Jeff Mark George Kenneth Steve Edward Isaac Brian Newton Scott (goes on for another six pages) (Overwatch Unit Number: ECR 781592275), (Born: September 19th, 1323) once refereed to as 'Euthanzis' by Emperor Kutarukia. Is a Transrace Human Combine who once served the Empire of the Combine Race for some time. He began his military career as a U.S Army Soldier during the Seven Hours War who fought against the Empire of the Combine Race.  He was turned into a Transhuman after the fall of the Golmar Earth.  After his rebirth, he became a commander of the Combine Transhuman Army on planet 765 aka Gol'kkiler Earth. During his "service" in the Combine Transhuman Army, in order to save a little girl named Mary Loenbaum, he had to kill the Combine soldiers that were with him.  He decided to become the Mary's(who was thirteen) father. He is now a firm member of the Alliance of Nations Joint Military. He is also best friends to Lincoln Garcia and Ivan Johnson, fully adopted Mary Loenbaum (Scott) and married a woman named Kalyn Belcher Scott. He's also one of the founders of the Peacekeepers.


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God Children Edit

  • Alexandria Walker
  • Aoibheann Walker
  • Paula Walker
  • Brigid Walker
  • Wandy Walker
  • Cain Walker
  • Maximillion Walker
  • Jessica Garcia
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Rebecca Garcia
  • Eric Garica
  • James Garica
  • Zackary Garica

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Trivia Edit

  • by far the most recurring character in the entire series, either as a protagonist or a deuteragonist, its' more then likely that Alexi Scott is one of the many major characters of the series and possibly the series 'big good' as he's often at the forefront of actions against the Cruel Lord, the series penultimate big bad and bigger bad
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