Alice Fukui, once Alice Lawson, ECR Number: 8117829, was a TransRace Overwatch soldier who served the Empire of the Combine Race and later served the Alliance of Nations later on in the First Multiverse War. Following the war, Alice became a freelancer along side her husband serving in various conflicts and organizations. She was later killed during the early stages of the Infection War.

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  • Edward Lawson- Father (Deceased)
  • Jessica Lawson- Mother (Deceased)
  • James Lawson- Brother
  • Allen Lawson- Brother (Twin)
  • Victoria Lawson- Sister
  • Isaac Fukui- Husband
  • Damon Fukui- First Son
  • Albert Fukui- Second Son
  • Elijah Fukui- Third Son
  • Elizabeth Fukui- only Daughter

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