The All Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP), or Pod Attack Walker (PAW),[4] was a tripedal walker that evolved from the AT-PT and AT-TE walkers. They were used by the 96th Regiment, 327th Star Corps, 91st Reconnaissance Corps, 282nd Regiment, 41st Elite Corps, 76th Regiment, 121st Regiment, 212th Attack Battalion, the Night Elf division, among others in the Allied Joint Military. The AT-AP have been adopted by both the Imperialists and the Coalition.

Characteristics Edit

The AT-AP (All Terrain Attack Pod) was conceived as a means of transporting a piece of heavy artillery across the battlefront. Its main function was to serve as a mobile gun platform used for shelling enemy positions, rather than attacking troops or other vehicles. It featured highly-advanced targeting systems that led to it being nicknamed the "sniper tank." Although classified as a two-legged walker, the AT-AP did have a third leg hanging from underneath the fuselage designed to help stabilize the walker. It would extend and deploy at the operator's discretion: typically when overcoming rough terrain and/or firing its main gun.

The AT-AP was armed with a mass-driver cannon fixed to the front of the craft, a heavy blaster cannon mounted on a turret (which had an open-cockpit, making the gunner susceptible to enemy infantry fire), and a medium laser cannon at the bottom of the main fuselage. Behind the main weapon's gunner's saddle was a supply cage filled with tools necessary for repairing any mechanical failure to the walker's articulation assembly.

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