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The All Terrain Open Transport (AT-OT) was a walking troop carrier used by the Alliance of Nations. As an armored vehicle, the AT-OT differed from the other walkers in Kuat Drive Yards' AT-series, as it was not designed for combat. Instead, it was used to reinforce armies behind friendly lines as a cargo walker. Although these eight-legged walkers were well-armored and equipped with four laser cannons for defense, their open tops made them extremely vulnerable to attacks from above. AT-OT walkers had enough seats for at least 34 clone troopers, but they could carry more troops if required, thanks to the open-bed design. The vehicle's defenses included two forward cannons and two tail cannons.[1] The AT-OT was not used for attack, it was mainly used for carrying a vast amount of clone troopers onto the battlefield.