The All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) was a light anti-infantry walker used by the Alliance of Nations and the Axis of Empires. It was manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering, a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards. Made to take a single trooper into an intense combat situation on his own, it was the basis for the AT-ST and AT-AT. AT-PTs were made to take single troopers into intense combat situations on their own, with the firepower of a squad. They stood only three meters tall, and were driven by AT-PT pilots.

The walkers were capable of reaching speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour and could climb a 45-degree angle, with hydraulic adjusters keeping the unit balanced. The vehicles carried a long-range comm antenna for patrols. The main drive unit provided power and hydraulic pressure for the two legs, and featured cooling vents. The cockpit entry hatch was on the side,[6] while the emergency flare launcher was just above the viewport.[8]

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