The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE), sometimes called tanks by clone troopers , was an all terrain assault walker developed for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars . The walker was used for numerous tasks including, but not limited to, transporting platoons of clone troopers on the battlefield and attacking enemy installations. The AT-TE's rear compartment contained computer hologram communication devices and space for troopers to stand during transportation. On the back end of the machine was a large door that allowed for quick deployment of troopers in a battle. Some versions of the walker were able to scale vertical cliffs, as evidenced in the Battle of Teth. The typical arsenal of an AT-TE included a top-mounted mass-driver cannon, along with six other laser cannons placed strategically around the outside of the vehicle. It was also a vehicle selected by the Alliance of Nations to fight against the Coalition of Independent States and the Axis of Empires. However, the Orks have control over some AT-TE's and use them as their own personal weapons. The AT-TE was a precursor to the Empire's All Terrain Armored Transport.


640px-ATTE2 negvv

Designs of the AT-TE.

The AT-TE is a multi-purpose assault vehicle capable of tasks ranging from the transportation of platoons of clone troopers around a battlefield to full-scale attacks upon enemy installations. The vehicle performs most admirably in support roles that involves providing immediate cover fire for battalions of soldiers. AT-TEs are often deployed in large numbers to overwhelm the enemy through sheer volume of fire.

The rear internal compartment was cramped and contained a number of computer consoles which included a holographic communication system allowing for representations of commanders to be projected inside the vehicle. On the standard model, troopers were located in the forward and rear compartments with large doors present in the back which opened allowing soldiers to exit the vehicle. A top door allowed a soldier to observe the battlefield from the top of the walker. On a variant model, the rear-ward compartment could store two AT-RT walkers capable of being deployed from a lower landing door. Another variant held facilities for a small mobile command center. Additional models were produced throughout the wars as Rothana continued modifying their design.

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