The Alliance Military Rule over His'kilooi Earth, also referred to as Military Rule over His'kilooi Earth and the Alliance Occupation of His'kilooi Earth, was the state of affairs that occurred on His'kilooi Earth that lasted from 2419 to 2530 following the Abomination Virus's Reawakening which effectively caused His'kilooi Earth's society to collapse and more than three-fourths of the total population killed in the aftermath of the months-long pandemic, in turn, causing the Alliance to place the planet under martial law for the next 111 years. Due to the destruction and death caused by the outbreak, both from the infected and the Alliance Joint Military in their effort to control the spread and eliminate hotzones, most of the planet completely in ruins. Most cities found on the planet were completely wiped out and what few remained were extensively damaged that certain areas of these surviving metropolises were deemed uninhabitable by Allied authorities. Over the course of this century and a decade long occupation, the new Military Administration would create laws that changed much of His'kilooi Earth society, namely, the way in which their Pro-Heroes are treated, turning them from a profession to vigilantes with police being trained to use and horn their quicks for police work. Another change was the elimination of quick limiting laws, allowing people to use their quicks, but with expectations to certain, more dangerous quick types being limited in use. This state of affairs ended in 2530 after twenty years of debating and discussions of a unified planetary government, with the Joint Military leaving shortly after the declaration of the Unified Confederation of Systems.

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