First Allied Soldier: The Council just passed a new law

Second Allied Soldier: What is it?

First Allied Soldier: They call it the Unified Powers Act

Second Allied Soldier: Oh? what is it

First Allied Soldier: well, basically it balances the power within the Alliance and taking powers away from the members of the Alliance and placing it in the hands of numerous sub-branches, create their own Armies independent of the memberstates and creates it's own departments

Second Allied Soldier: So basically, the Alliance is becoming more centralized right?

First Allied Soldier: yep

-a conversation between two Allied soldiers decussing the Unified Powers Act, 1574 NE

The Allied Council, also known as the Alliance Council, the High Council and often nicknamed the 'Council of a Thousand', was the original governing body of the Alliance of Nations during the First Multiverse War. taking many responsibilities during the war, the Council was the highest position within the Alliance hierarchy making decisions involving a variety of issues, from Military to laws and even powers that it holds, none-the-less, the council often elects a President to oversee the Council's decisions once they have been made.

History Edit

List of Members Edit

Name of Councilor Species Gender Representing Also holds
Deanna Troi Hybrid (half-Betazoid and half-Human) Female United Federation of Planets Commander
Finis Valorum Human Male Old Galactic Republic Former Supreme Chancellor
Kalyn Belcher Human Female Human-Vortgaunt Federation Senator
Borsk Fey'lya Bothan Male New Galactic Republic
Dwight D. Eisenhower Human Male United States of America (later United Systems of Earth)
George S. Hammond Human Male Tau'ri-Jaffa Alliance
Gaius Baltar Human Male Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Jarvan IV Human Male Federal Republic of Demacia
Hanse Davion Human Male Federated Suns
Idranel (technically in a advisorary chair, became a full Councilor in 2356) Eldar Female Eldar Craftworlds
Marneus Augustus Calgar Human (Superhuman) Male Imperium of Man
Lyta Alexander Human Female Earth Alliance
Celene Valmont I Human Female Federal Kingdom of Felreden
Maurits von Borg Human Male Principality of Gallia
Rtas 'Vadum Sangheili Male United Alliances of Orion Species
Raalu'Fann Quarian Female Citadel Alliance
Tifa Lockhart Human Female United Commonwealths of Worlds
Elleon Kubel High Elf Human New Valkion Federation
Dylan Hunt Male Human Systems Commonwealth
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