The Allied Reconstruction Organization, also known as the Reconstruction Organization and A.R.O, was an organization created by the Allied Council to help rebuild areas within the Alliance affected by the war and following the end of the First Multiverse War. Founded by Geordi La Forge to try to "sew the Multiverse's wounds" and rebuild the devastated societies that was once were before the war

History Edit

List of Operations Edit

Name of Operations Years lasted Universe Result
Orlesian Annexation and Modernization of Thedas 1521 N.E to 1567 N.E Ou'hjik Universe The Formation of Federal Kingdom of Felreden
Reterraforming and Rebuilding of Fialer Earth 1565 N.E to 1578 N.E Fialer Universe Fialer Earth habitable again, all of Fialer Earth's infrastructure, cities, factories and all rebuilt, however, a few parts of the planet's old wasteland still remains and is classified as the Wasteland Remnants

Headquarters Edit

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