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Allison Patricia Jakes

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Caen, Gi'ru Universe

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1372 N.E

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Kingdom of Cygnar, Alliance of Nations, Multiversial Federation




Journeyman, Commando

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William Blazkowicz


"Fighting hit and run, always outgunned, living on nothing but hate and adrenaline. It's not much of a life and it eats away at you so that every day a little part of you dies."

– Allison Jakes, in the Gi'ru Conflict

Lt. Allison Patricia Jakes (born 1372 N.E) is an Human Allied soldier in the Allied Joint Military and most well known war hero of Cygnar. She was called "Lady Jakes" by her friends. A consummate duelist, Lieutenant Allison Jakes moves across the Multiverse with deadly poise, striking down foes and then darting away in preparation for her next attack. She was also a part of the first battle of Geonosis and the Gi'ru Conflict. She was also seen in the part of the Ciz'loikki Conflict. She was later to be married by BJ Blazkowicz after the First Multiverse War. She has a good-time friend with Samantha Carter and Fiora Laurent, also a duelist.

During the War, Allison Jakes proved herself skilled in a variety of fields; she was a good pilot and trained in the use of both a firearm and hand-to-hand combat.


Early Life[]

Allison was born in Immeran in the planet Caen by the year 1372 N.E., having discovered her warcaster talent at a young age, Allison Jakes learned early in life that her destiny was to serve her country and protect those who cannot protect themselves. When she entered warcaster training at the Strategic Academy in Caspia, her vibrant energy and youthful determination, combined with her burgeoning sorcerous talents, made her stand out to her instructors. But it was her reflexes, athleticism, and natural affinity for a blade that marked her as a perfect candidate for the academy’s elite dueling school.

Something of a holdover from an older era, Caspia’s military academy has long maintained its esteemed dueling tradition, favored in particular by officer candidates of noble birth and those aspiring to join the sword knights or storm knights. Given the extensive generalized study already expected of them, it was rare for warcaster apprentices to join, but Jakes soon proved willing and possessed of sufficient stamina to endure this regimen on top of her other instruction. During her time at the academy, the young Jakes defined her personal approach to combat and warfare. She became enamored of the precision and exacting execution required by the graceful fighting style as well as its ability to grant lethal force to the lightest blow through speed and accuracy. Not only was it well suited to her thin frame, but it was also a good match for her personality..

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The transition from journeyman to full-fledged warcaster is never easy, but Captain Allison Jakes earned her promotion through circumstances far beyond the scope of any ordinary trial. She now carries herself with the confidence of one who has seen the ravages of war, moving across the battlefield with a grace expressed through acrobatic stunts, nimble parries, and cunning dodges. Wielding a pair of swords, Jakes cuts through the opposition with a fluidity that speaks of her skill as a duelist and the innumerable hours she has devoted to mastering the art of close combat. As she advances downfield, she freely lashes her foes with deadly voltaic strikes, and those who fight alongside her find themselves moving with the speed of a swiftly approaching storm. With each new battle her reputation grows, and despite her youth she commands the respect of any fortunate enough to serve under her command.

The death of her mentor during her journeyman tour was a severe blow to Jakes, but this experience was only the beginning of her extended ordeal. Battling Khadorans on a mission deep within the Thornwood, Jakes’ detachment was cut off from the rest of the army. Rather than retreat from the forest, she gathered the survivors and pressed on to complete her objective, facing both the Khadoran forces and a host of Cryxians lurking in the shadows. The ensuing string of battles ultimately ended with Jakes confronting the risen corpse of Commander Sturgis, a corrupted mockery of her former mentor reanimated by the Cryxians. This horrific reunion had a lasting and traumatic impact on Jakes.

Following these events, Jakes was evaluated by a military tribunal and absolved of any fault in the death of Sturgis. She had expected to be punished, but the tribunal instead lauded her for going above and beyond the duties of her junior rank, effectively commanding her forces in a manner befitting a true Cygnaran warcaster. Jakes received the arcane rank of magus and was promoted to captain; her journeyman tour had ended.

Since her promotion she has continued to strive for perfection as both a combatant and officer. Jakes now wields dual swords reforged from the broken remains of Sturgis’ bladed staff. As they did when the staff was whole, these twin blades crackle with arcane and voltaic energies, and through Captain Jakes they continue to serve a noble purpose. Jakes continually seeks to rise above the darkness that had threatened to destroy her and to find a way to honor the memory of Commander Sturgis through her actions on the battlefield.

First Multiverse War[]

During the start of the war, Cygnaria had called every warrior to serve in the Army, Allison immediately volunteered and was deployed to the frontline

Gi'ru Conflict[]

The Chimera invade Cygnar

Allison was in the city of Westwatch and was about to report back to her superiors of the local status of strange activities in the borders when suddenly caught by surprise of an enemy unknown to anyone after first assumed it was Khador, or the Cryx, but witnessed portals open up in the capital city and received reports from other bases being attacked by creatures unknown to them with advance weapons. She ordered a trio of Warjacks to take out the enemy forces, spotted several enemy soldiers that were unlike the horrific creatures while protecting the civilians to escort during the evacuation. Despite their advance weapons, they shown to have limited knowledge of Cygnar’s Warcasters when she was able to control one of their machinaries to turn against them for a limited use of time. Able to fight them off and damaged the machine that they used to open a portal to who knows where they came from. Some soldiers she found were not of Immeran, while others were human but spoke in unknown language when sehe received word of the attacks all across the continent as it could only be an invasion force.

she marched through the forests to make her way back with the selected soldiers and Warjacks to accompany her to report back, suddenly caught a group by surprise when they fought off the invaders, pointing their guns at the strangers who spoke in near Cygnarian and one of them saved her when a soldier named BJ Blazkowicz shot a Cryx Bane Warrior in the skull when almost snuck up behind her, only to be wounded in the shoulder after it struck a claw into him. Realising they had completely different uniforms and would have killed her and her team, decided to take them back with them to find out who they are and what is going on with the Mace Windu offering to explain to them. On the way she found the idea of the Multiverse bizarre had it not been the invasion and realising there were other worlds that have been attacked by a foe known as the Empire of the Combine Race and making a coalition known as the Axis of Empires, she feels they may need Allies to free Immeran from the invaders, and perhaps join this Alliance who are fighting back to save their own worlds.

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At her core, Allison Jakes is a perfectionist. Few among her peers can match her determination and unwavering dedication in the pursuit of a goal once she sets her sights on it. While this trait can also have an isolating effect, Jakes’ positive and upbeat nature tends to compensate for it. Her deep sense of responsibility and caring for the welfare of those serving with her has helped earn the respect and loyalty of her fellow soldiers and allies. She is always the first to volunteer for any assignment, and she actively takes the most dangerous positions on the battlefield to spare the soldiers under her command from harm.

While Lieutenant Jakes is proud to serve her beloved homeland and the Alliance during the First Multiverse War, her fierce dedication stems from something greater than a sense of obligation or national pride: she believes to her core that it is every person’s duty to make her homeworld, and much of the universe a better place whenever and wherever possible for her family and others to have a future. For Jakes, that work will be done amid the mud and blood of Alliance’s war-ravaged borders


A consummate duelist, Lieutenant Allison Jakes moves across the war-torn battlefields of western Immoren with deadly poise, striking down foes and then darting away in preparation for her next attack. She utilizes her arcane abilities to impart the same fluidity of movement to the warjacks in her battlegroup, granting them a burst of speed at the critical moment or imbuing them with the grace of a duelist.

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