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Alma's war happened sometime during either the First Multiverse War or the multiverse civil war. It was a caustrophic event that almost resulted the entire eradication of several universes and would have resulted the loss of half of the Pol universe. The war was carried out by Alma Wade's loyal children against her disloyal ones.


Battles during the war[]

  • The Great battle for the Warp
  • The Battle for the Outer Rim
  • War for the Pol universe
  • The Combine's gamble
  • Alma's battle
  • Pointman and Paxton Fettel's dual
  • Replica forces verses the Clone Army
  • The Battle for Naboo (Alma's war)
  • Sigmar's war (Alma's war)
  • The Entites fight
  • The Wade civil war
  • Tiza'nako universe Crisis
  • BSAA's war against the Almaverse

Reason for the war[]

Pointman and Paxton Fettel were told by the Storyteller during the First multiverse war that their mother (Alma Wade) would meet someone very powerful in the Known multiverse and the baby she would birth would not only kill her but would end in the destruction of a good chunk of the Known mutliverse because of infighting by Alma's children trying to stop them and Alma Wade's birth. However the Entities did say they could stop one but not the other so they all choice to stop Alma's children, this unfortunatly lead to the contractions which started when Alma went into labour, these contractions usually signified that the birth was going well but this one would be the longest birth ever. Alma herself could still appear and harrass other people meaning she had several bodies, although she was quite weak now.

Her children went to war other whatever shall be done with Alma's new baby. The loyal children stated that the child must die while the disloyal ones argued the child should live, essentially it was a massive family civil war, and a very bloody one at that,

Universes that were threatened during the war[]

Pol universe (50% of it)

12 unkown universes (destroyed or lost during Alma's war around 10% of each of these universes survived the war)

Parts of Filo universe (Mostly the unknown space)

around 20% of both the Known and unknown multiverse as estimated by the entities

Tiza'nako universe

Xuy'ui universe

Fop'lla universe (Most of it was relatively unscaved as both the Chaos gods and the Emperor of mankind held back Alma's universe (the Almaverse) from spilling into Vop’lla the Fop'lla Universes and the Warp).

People involved[]

Alma's disloyal children[]

  • Pointman
  • Paxton Fettel
  • Unknown amount of Alma's children
  • Unknown amount of Alma's fathers
  • Chaos forces opposed to the destruction of their universe
  • Elements of the Imperium of man

Alma's loyal children[]

  • unknown amount of Alma's children
  • Replica forces under Alma's loyal children's control
  • Chaos forces who opposed the chaos gods
  • Elements of the Eccsilsarcy who hailed Alma as a saint

Tiza'nako universe[]

  • Scout corps
  • Marleay
  • all titan shifteers
  • Combine forces that were defeated in the invasion of the Tiza'nako universe
  • Eren Yeagers' group.
  • People who were corrupted by Alma wade or became loyal to Alma's side willingly

Xuy'ui universe[]

  • BSSA
  • Claire Redfield
  • Chris Redfield
  • Leon S Kennedy
  • Ghost
  • HUNK
  • Ada wong
  • Ethan Winters

Universal effects[]

Alma's effects on a universe is one of an apocolyptic scale. The sky no matter what world it was would turn into a crimson red signifying the Almaverse spewing over into real space. In some places a massive wall of ash would consume anything it passed over stated as simply "F***ing run!" by those who outrun the wall. Alma's entities also proved to be challanging to combat.

Dual personality[]

Over the course of giving birth Alma wade met an alternate version of herself who claimed to be that of her original timeline and called Alma a monster. As a result some of Alma's contraction would tur n the sky half red and half black (the darkness signifying the alternate Alma wade). The Entities could not stop this "dual" personality as it was outside of their universal below and did not belong to the Known and unkown multiverse, the only way the "original" Alma could be defeated if that one event of that timeline was carried out and it was soon point out that Alma must give birth. If Alma died while in labour the results would have been devastating.


In the end Alma's war ended with Alma Wade giving birth to her final child and died peacefully afterwards her soul at rest. Paxton Fettel now controled pointman's body stopping Pointman from killing Alma when they arrived. The child was given at first to The Emperor of Mankind who then gave it to Paxton Fettel who cared for the child ever since.

A mass cover up was done through out all universes that were affected by Alma's war and parts of the warp in the Fop'lla universe was irreversibly damaged. The causalties of the war numberes so high that the number Pi is used and was the most deadliest war in the Multiverse to date. No other conflict has ever come close to the destruction Alma's war created and made even the War against the New Order pale in comparison.