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Alma Wade is a powerful psionic who seeks revenge against Armacham Technology Corporation, due to their usage of her in a series of experiments and secret projects with the aim of making her powers financially viable. Alma was a severely troubled child, gifted with tremendous psychic powers, and as a result, she suffered nightmares and was attuned to the negative emotions of the people around her.



Alma has quite a warped personality; though she is psychically an adult, due to the experiments done on her, Alma has been stunted emotionally to where Palpatine compares her to like a child in an adult's body. As such, she is incredibly obsessive and petty, acting out without any remorse or concern for any potential consequences. This, along with her immense amounts of rage, makes Alma especially dangerous.

In tune with this, Alma is incredibly childish; one example being when she taunted Claire Redfield when it seemed that she had Leon Kennedy as another one of her lovers, and lashing out in akin to a temper tantrum when it was revealed that he was deceiving her. Another example is when Chris distracted her with a joke, that made her laugh for long enough for them to escape.

Alma also had a childish yet very twisted sense of humor, one of which being her thing with elevators and causing them to be cursed which is more of a joke of Allied and Axis soldiers. She has met Orks from the Coalition and likes B1 battle droids as they are comical and really likes messing with them. She also finds Orks funny because of the way they talk and how they do funny stuff even when scared. She has a pet Grot who she keeps around and named "Little Grot", though this may be because she picked up the language of the Orks.

However, underneath all that rage and hatred is a scared and sad little girl that desperately wants to be loved, but the lengths she goes to be loved are utterly depraved and disgusting; for Alma enslaves numerous men (and possibly women) and forces herself on them, causing her to sire many children.

Yet, despite all this, Alma loves her children very much and is heartbroken whenever they turn against her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Alma as a Mort can change her appearance from her child form or to her so called "Hot Alma" form that she only turns into when sexually aroused or desires to mate. She is able to literally kill people by just being near and rendering them into a skeleton and can cause things to explode though this may have to do with explosives and is able to affect lights and cause people to hallucinate.

Family and Friends[]

Loyal Children[]


Disloyal Children[]


  • Eren Yagear (Failed attempt)
  • Several soilders in the Alliance of Nations
  • Unknown number of people.
  • Leon S Kennedy (Failed attempt) - after Alma's encounter with Leon, she seems to have become utterly obsessed with him, drawing pictures of him and especially of his hair. For some unknown reason, she keeps referring him as "Papa."
  • Claire Redfield (Successfully tried using her to get Leon S Kennedy though it failed.)
  • Ethan Winters (Successful though he escaped). Alma keeps calling Ethan more of a friend than a lover and keeps sayng "How is it that you can stick your hand back on is strange to me you seem human yet you can lose your limbs and reattach them" Alma revealed to Ethan that he was a Mort which Ethan was in utter denial about however her claims are true.


  • HUNK: an unknown red Umbrella corporation solider who is also nicknamed the Grimm Reaper and has annoyed Alma so much that she hates anyone wearing his iconic red eyed gas mask and will try removing their mask to make sure its him, she has seen his face and is the only known person to do. She names HUNK as "Gas mask man" which shows how childish she is.
  • Ghost: Ghost went in to save Robert Kendo, His friends before he went in told him to come back but he refused. When Alma saw Ghost dressed just like HUNK she immediatly attacked him and left Ghost for dead thinking she had killed him, yet the forgotten soilder was not that eaisly disposed of. Ghost had to leave empty handed as Robert Kendo refused to leave and Alma nicknamed Ghost as Gas man guy who won't die.

Close Friends[]

Samantha Maxis (Freed her from the Aether which she turned hostile against and was immune to its effects)

People who aware of Alma Wade[]

  • The G-Man
  • Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia
  • Palpatine
  • Sith Emperor
  • Eren Yagear (Almost became one of her Fathers)
  • Axis and Allied solders who have survive their encounters of Alma
  • The Emperor of Mankind
  • Leon S Kennedy (Was sent on a mission to Alma's universe and survived his encounter with Alma)
  • Chris Redfield
  • Claire Redfield
  • Ethan Winters
  • Note on the above four: All of these people were sent to Alma's universe for various reasons with Ethan sent when the Combine realised Ethan wasn't quite so human after all, Chris was sent to save Ethan while Claire and Leon followed after he went apparently missing they all survived their encounter.


  • This Alma Wade has a combination of both FEAR timelines
  • While her past is certainly horrible, it still does not excuse the horrific things she has done as a Mort, ranging from mass murder to outright rape.
  • In this setting she's effectively a serial rapist who had raped numerous men over the course of the timeline, spanning numerous sons and daughters in the process, through the loyalties of these kids vary quite a bit.
  • the "Fathers" of her children are her rape victims, if that wasn't evident already, and in her twisted mind, she does love them a great deal and views them as her numerous husbands, regardless of their consent on the matter.
  • This version of Alma Wade can travel through dimensions and can go to worlds where she isn't suppose to and is known to be the scariest thing you can encounter.
  • People who have met Alma Wade and survived have joked about elevators not being safe and to avoid them at all cost. They will most of the time be in a state of anxiety if they encounter Alma Wade who knows that they survived the initial encounter and will sometimes try to make them one of her many fathers.
  • Alma Wade can be reasoned with but it really just depends what kind of mood she is in, although she will sometimes eliminate an entire squad of soldiers and leave one of them alive just to torment them thinking its "fun", sometimes the spared soul will either survive or not, and that's also with the assumption that should they be male they survive the encounter without being sexually assaulted as well.
  • Alma can also force herself onto females as well, though usually as a form of domination and control, especially if she intends to use the woman for her real targets, any male she's with.
  • Alma has a twisted sense of humor so much so that things that would terrify people appear funny to her.