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A sketched portrait of Alserlene.

Alserlene Grobblers is the rebellious, independent, and idealistic daughter of Gudeom Grobblers, head of the Semerian Ministry of Propaganda, and his wife Aoetasha Grobblers, head of the Ministry of Fertility. After exiling herself at her late teens, she eventually serves in the Alliance of Nations as a promoter of humanoid-rights. She tends to favor capitalism, democracy, and racial equality while opposing her father's fanaticism in racism, fascism, and militarism. She currently resides on the planet Venus



Alserlene is an often independent, brave, and smetimes stubborn being, though she also shows signs of high intelligence. Her interests in mathematics, science, civil rights, and free enterprise tend to shape her idealistic views of a democratic form of society, in which she views as morally superior in comparison towards the twisted philosophy of the Semerian Commonwealth and its leader, Garrundei Cezar