The Ancient Reunification Wars was a series of wars that occured from 999 Million BNE to 100 Million BNE. Started by Empress Ti'liukx as a means to reunite not only the universes once under the control of the First Human Empire, but also thse of the Ancient Forerunner Ecumene and Holy Prothean Empire. the Second Human Empire fought these wars for over 899 Million years, the wars ended when the Imperial Parliament finally put an end to the wars with the help of Emperor Kil'zrik, which he then ordered a retreat of all Second Imperial forces from ongoing campaigns, while the Imperial Parliament started to debate as to how it should prevent something like this from occurring again in the future, a debate which went on for a full 5 Million years until they finally made a amendment to establish a new position that's equal to the Throne, the Grand Despot, who is given control of half of the Second Empire's military, which effectively allowed the Second Imperial Military to not attack/go to war without both the Emperor/Empress and Grand Despot/Despotess agreeing to it.

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