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Ania Solo was a Human female who was a member of the House of Solo, a descendant of the smuggler Han Solo and the Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo. She was also a distant cousin of Empress Marasiah Fel.[2] Solo was working as a junk dealer in the Carreras system, and she accidentally discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val after an Imperial communications droid containing the lightsaber turned up in her junkyard. Enlisting the help of her Mon Calamari friend Sauk, Solo attempted to sell the weapon on Carreras Major, but soon became the target of a Sith posing as Val when the Sith learned that she had his lightsaber. Pursued by the star system's security forces, Solo, Sauk, and their friend AG-37 joined forces with the Imperial Knight Jao Assam in order to locate the real Val, but they were captured by Axis Security Force not long afterwards, and Solo's friends were injured in a battle with the Sith during their escape attempt.

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"You have to try. Your family has always—"
"Stop it. Those people don't have anything to do with me. Do I look like royalty? I work in a junkyard. I wish I could be someone like that—look, I'm just not."
―AG-37 and Solo[src]

A Human female, Ania Solo had black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She was independent and stood up for herself, and she leaped at the chance to move onto something bigger after she and Sauk discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val. [1] When Darth Wredd, a Sith impostor posing as Yalta Val confronted her and demanded his lightsaber back, Solo stood up to him, believing that the law was on her side and that she had the right of salvage to the weapon. However, when the Knight's forces attacked them, Solo came to regret her actions and viewed them as stupid and brash.[8] When roused to action, Solo disliked waiting and planning, believing that one should be proactive, and inactivity was a source of great frustration to her.[9]

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