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Animali Sapiens or known as the Talking Animals by Allied soldiers, Til'uuil Kiuu'zili by the Second Human Empire and by the more speciest slur as Furries, are the generically modified and intelligently enhanced group of animals native to the Earths, they should not be confused with Anthros, as they are Human-like but with distinctive animal-like features, however, their are only a few earths and planets that's either dominated and or controlled by Animali Sapiens, and, because of this, many now have started to clam a theory which states that the Animali Sapiens where wiped out by other Earth-born humans in massive, multi-earth eidocide that resulted in the extinction of Animali Sapiens on most earths, however, a few earths either failed or became reversed in that humans are the ones to be exterminated


Universes found in[]

Malica Universe[]

Col Universe[]

  • Aeon Calcos's Species

Monster Hunter Universe[]

Besr'tikuuik Universe[]