Anthros, also called Animal Humans, Animal People and sometimes Faunus (Second Human Empire: Hamo Zii'suko Quaik'llo) are variety of Human sub-species that's known for their animal-like ears, eyes and tails. They are very diverse in their overall appearance and their allegiances, however, most tend to side with the Alliance more often then not.

Biology Edit

They vary in terms of appearance, but overall, they're all have animal-like characteristics and, in some ways, behaviors as well. Their intelligence also varies, like their Human counterparts, some have low intelligence and some have high intelligence, but overall, they have a medium in term intelligence. Due to their various animal characteristics, Anthros are often divided into distinctive 'races' so to speak, all of which can interbreed with one another and creating unique groups

List of Races within the Anthros Species Edit

  • dogs
  • foxes
  • wolfs
  • birds
  • apes
  • rabbids

Society and Culture Edit

Like their Human counterparts, their societies and cultures varies, some are fascist-like in nature, some are democratic in nature and others are communist in nature. In fact, the only thing these various societies and cultures share in terms of similarity, is the fact that it's made up of Anthros.

Government Edit

Anthros are equally divided as their Human counterparts, which, understandably leads to conflicts between the various forms of governments and nationstates.

List of Worlds that have a significant Anthro Population Edit

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