Lieutenant Anya Stroud was a allied officer in the Alliance Joint Military army and the daughter of Major Helena Stroud. She joined the AJM army to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but unlike her mother, she did not serve as a frontline soldier. Stroud instead became a communications officer and served in her mother's unit during the Multiverse Wars. There she met Thomas Sevchenko and fell deeply in love with him and also became friends with William "B.J." Blazkowicz. She took part in the Battle of the Forsaken Moons, where she listened to her mother dying over the communications link.

Anya continued to serve as a controller in the CIC during the Multiverse Wars, and was heartbroken when other soldiers was tried as a deserter and sent to prison ten years after Emergence Day. When the Cerberus Offensive began, she was briefly reunited with him after BJ broke him out of jail. She operated as his squads' controller during the Operation. She reconnected with Sev in the following months, and made sure she was always on duty when he was. During Operation: Black Storm, she again guided Fergus Reid's squad through their battles and escaped the Sinking of Jacinto. As the Allies began to rebuild after the apparent victory over the Coalition, Anya and Sev grew closer and she began to train to become a frontline soldier, while still serving as a controller. However, when the Dominion emerged, Anya fully embraced being on the frontline and fought alongside Sevchenko in Delta Squad. She witnessed the death of other soldiers and fought in the Second Battle of Hoth. She was later resigned to the Planet Frontier

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