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Aptonoth are relatively docile herbivores with characteristic crest plates. They form herds and raise young communally, and have been used as pack animals for generations; their meat is tasty and nutritious. Very cautious around large monsters. Aptonoth are cow-like creatures with leathery gray skin. They have black stripes along their backs and a head reminiscent of a Hadrosaur. They have a large, two-pronged crest protruding from their heads and a flat, spiked tail. The Aptonothwas one of the most adaptable herbivorous creatures in the multiverse and could be found on several universe outside of their homeworld.

Ecological Niche Edit

Aptonoth are generally considered to be the most common out of the known herbivores, as well as one of the weakest. Despite their vulnerability, they have proven to be highly adaptable to many different environments. They are found in a wide range of habitats, from dense Jungles to humid Swamps and even tropical islands, and despite being at the bottom of the food chain in each of these environments, they continue to thrive in large numbers.

Behavior Edit

Docile creatures, Aptonoth spend much of their time grazing and traveling in search of greener pastures. Aptonoth display herd mentality, traveling in groups ranging from a few individuals to many hundreds. Herds are often lead by a dominant male, who is usually the largest and strongest. Aptonoth will flee from any predatorial threat. Aptonoth have been domesticated and are frequently bred for their meat and their ability to carry large loads.

If their young are in danger, the mother and alpha male will try to protect them, head butting or using their tails to club the attacker. They are even known to attack large Wyverns, such as Rathalos, while the Wyvern is eating another Aptonoth. Obviously they are not capable of killing any predator bigger than a Velociprey or Jaggi, however this does not stop them from attempting to gang up on foes that are threatening one or more members of their herd. Should a predator threaten the herd, adult Aptonoths will surround their young in a protective ring in an effort to keep them out of the way of danger.

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