Queen Atensdea and her kin beneath Aquania's oceans.

The Aqeniae are a race of fish-like beings with an almost human appearance wno serve as the true native species of the planet Aquania. Forced into submitting to racial segregation policies by the Aquanian Republic, they secretly plot against the human colonists and conduct acts of terrorism in order to reclaim the former glory of their ancient civilization. Prior to the emergence of Humanity, however, they were one of the many races that accepted the benevolent rule of the Edanain Empire, serving as ambassadors, governors, diplomats, and scholars. They are currently led by Queen Atensdea, who secretly aligns herself with the Coalition of Independent States, and later the Hegemony of Independent States, in hopes of one day regaining her home-planet from the humans. Some of the Aqeniae are joined to the Interstellar Concordium during the War.

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