The Aramadia-class thrustships, also called T-types or Fat Men by the Allied Defense Fleet, were the main combat vessels of the Yevethan space forces.

Characteristics Edit

The Aramadia class was a 240 meter diameter spheroid with six Aradian pulse-lifters arrayed in an inverted triangle at its stern. It was from these pulse lifters that the ship earned its designation as a "thrustship".

The ship was armed with eight turbolaser batteries mounted on an internal shift-track spaced around the ship. Advanced targeting systems allowed for up to four batteries to link their fire and concentrate it on a single target. Despite the punch the link batteries could provide, its major combat payload laid in its projectile launching capability. It carried three proton torpedo launchers, a centrally mounted gravity bomb launcher with four bombs per load, and four ten-tube missile batteries. Overall, the weapon systems earned it a grade of medium cruiser.

The Aramadia class also benefited from superior shielding. The ship's spherical shape enhanced the shield generators' ability to provide smooth coverage, allowing for maximum shielding with minimal power.

These ships carried 40 Yevethan D-type trifoil fighters.

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