Arborea Map

Arborea is the settlement location of Wuti'gu universe. It is a realm created by the two titans Arun and Shara as they dreamed of what would used to be a peaceful realm, but it was hatred when the Axis Invasion and the long rebellion happened here. It became peaceful once again when the New Valkion Federation formed and annexed by the Alliance. The realm was formed by the titans Arun and Shara. The people of Arborea are grateful for the titans, for without them, they would not exist. Arborea possesses a beautiful landscape with a variety of geographical features. Vesting from the blizzard snows of Westonia to the hot deserts of Val Aurem. The realm of Arborea is comprised of four major continents. In the southern east is Southern Arun, in the northern east is Northern Arun, in the southern west is Southern Shara, and in the northern west is Northern Shara.

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