The Archduke's Revolt, was a short (and failed) Civil War that occurred in the Empire of the Combine Race in year Attempted to overthrow the Current Emperor, Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia, and replace it with the very man who started the Revolt who was also his brother, the Archduke of Conlikial, Archduke Vimble Quinkla Kutarukia. The day it started was it October 21st, 1841 NE and ended on November 8th, 1842 NE. The result of the who revolt resulted in the Archduke's Wife's execution as well as Pure Combines, Transrace Combines, and Non-Combine Who supported the Archduke's Revolt, the Emperor then ordered the Exile also of Archduke to Ginniklia (Narnia) 

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