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Arcturus Mengsk was a human from Korhal. He led the Sons of Korhal and orchestrated the downfall of the Terran Confederacy during the Multiverse wars. Mengsk ruled the Terran Dominion, the Confederacy's successor, as Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I. They also ensure the coninuation of good relation with the Allies. As a boy, Arcturus Mengsk was labeled a genius. He commanded the Death Sun, a Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer

Arcturus Mengsk rose to the rank of colonel[6][5] in the Confederate Marine Corps[100] before leaving and has demonstrated considerable tactical skill, leading several of his former compatriots to call him a gifted strategist.[6][101] ISA leader Thomas Sinclair referred to him as an "accomplished tactician".[42]

Mengsk has demonstrated the ability to befriend and manipulate people to his benefit.[6][102] He claims that other people are unfocused in their thinking, and he acts as a "strong center" for them.[12] He is very skilled at oratory and propaganda[56] and has been described as a "media darling".[102] Mengsk has also demonstrated skill in electronics and studied geology, politics and psychology, becoming a skilled prospector. He does not empathize with other people well, finding those who suffered loss and expressed their sense of it unpleasant to be around.[5]

In addition, Mengsk is very strong-willed. Through careful blanking of his mind, he could prevent telepaths such as Sarah Kerrigan from reading his thoughts.

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