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Ardus Kaine was an Imperial Moff and the successor of Wilhuff Tarkin as Grand Moff of Oversector Outer. His flagship was the Reaper. Following the Remnant Wars. Kaine formed the Pentastar Alignment and joined the Imperialist Alliance (which was a political block). Ardus Kaine was a Human male native to the Outer Rim world of Sartinaynian in the Braxant sector.[1] The son of successful trader and speciesist Vilardo Kaine, Kaine had all of his father's misplaced ambitions foisted upon him, despite the fact that he wasn't particularly non-human and was given more to co-operation than giving orders. However, his father saw his ascending the highest echelons of political society. Despite not particularly agreeing with his father, he worked hard to please him, eventually becoming involved in politics. He was killed by Ventus and Galen in the last parts of the Nationalist Wars.

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Ardus Kaine was noted for his ambition and hunger for power. He cared more for actual power than titles or prestige; the office of Grand Moff did not appeal to him, nor did the title of Emperor of the Pentastar Alignment. He wanted to be at the core of the Empire, making important decisions, being involved in the day-to-day running of the Imperial machine. He was also opportunistic, taking chances as soon as they were presented to him. He moved to establish his Imperial faction post haste after learning of the Imperial defeat at Endor, and after its founding, organized the power structure so that Kaine was a de facto autocrat.[4]

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