Amestris is a nationstate located on Ain'uikni Earth, a Unitary State with a population of about 50 Million and a Parliamentary Republic before a the Military take over following the end of the brutal Amestris Civil War. When Ain'uikni Earth first came into contact with the greater multiverse via Alliance and Axis, Amestris was ran by a Stratocractic government with a Führer as both head of government and state. The nation itself is composed of several former nations, making it quite diverse in culture and religion, but never the less, incorporated by the expanding state of Amestris. the administrative regions of the county reflects these differences. the country has five administrative divisions: South Area, West Area, North Area, East Area and Central Area.

However, East Area is perhaps the most diverse, sheltering a nationstate called Ishval. with it's ethnically and culturally different from the rest of the nation: the people the being religious; most of them renounce alchemy, which brought many conflicts with the Central Government in the past and has culminated in the Ishval Civil War.

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