ArielHanson SC2 Head2

Dr. Ariel Hanson was a scientist associated with the Special Research Projects Administration. She was a selfless and altruistic individual. The daughter of Bernard Hanson and Talise Cogan, Ariel Hanson was taken from Tarsonis at a young age to Agria, the colony newly-founded by her father. Her mother remained on Tarsonis, so in a sense the colony acted as her mother. Ariel Hanson grew to be a genius. At age six she was reading advanced chemistry notes, and at age eleven she had written a paper on mutagenic effects on the rare trabillia flower. She graduated from upper school two years early and was offered a scholarship at Tarsonis University. Despite the rich biodiversity available to study on Agria, she traveled to Tarsonis over her father's objections. Hanson can represent a positive moral influence on Jim Raynor,[20] acting as something of a love interest and representing his "good side". She was the opposite of other soldiers, acting as "the angel on Raynor's shoulder," as opposed to others being the "devil." She is the responsible for the diagnosing the flesh-eating bacteria from a person from Germany in Riz'ro Earth.

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