The Ark of Truth (armeria verimas in Ancient) is an Alteran device which has the ability to convince people the "truth" of what is programmed in it. The Ark is able to show anyone the "truth" which is programmed into the device, which makes it essentially a brainwashing device. To activate the device, someone has to type in the programmed password into the control device on top of the Ark. If the password is correct, the red crystal on top of the device would light up. If the Ark would be opened now, a blinding beam of light would come from it and affect anybody in the vicinity. Vala Mal Doran speculates that the Ark could only make people believe things that were true, based on Adria's comments that she could not use the Ark to brainwash people into following the teaching of Origin, suggesting that it projects the truth based on evidence that has been programmed into it.

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