Arms Material was a brand or series of firearms produced in the Gi'ru Universe. The main output was a series of rifles and carbines used by the Kingdom of Cygnar and other Mercenaries in Immoren.

List of firearms Edit

AM MRS-4 Rifle Edit


Officially the Arms Material Multi-purpose Rifle System model 4. Designed for infiltration missions, a variant of the FN FNC equipped with a shortened barrel, a light and a suppressor. Its suppressor emphasizes reduced weight, meaning lower durability. In addition, its shorter barrel make its effective range shorter than that of others. Equipped with a light and a suppressor. Following the Gi'ru Conflict, it was used alongside the AR5R1 and AR8R5 MWS as one of the standard carbines of the Royal Cygnarian Army.

Users who used the AM MRS-4 Rifle Edit

  • Kingdom of Cygnar

AM Rifle Type 69 (MRS-4R) Edit


The main service rifle of the Royal Cygnarian Army in the First War. It is or resembles an FN FAL variant chambered for 5.56x45mm rounds. Its longer barrel well-suited to the combustion properties of its ammunition, gives it an effective range greater than that of the carbine model. However, it can also make the weapon harder to handle in tight spaces. It was later redesignated as AM MRS-4R after Cygnar renewed the weapon naming regulations. After the First War, it was later replaced by more advanced AR8R5 MWS Assault Rifle

Users who used the AM Type 69 Rifle Edit

  • Kingdom of Cygnar (formerly)
  • Immoren Mercenaries
  • Diamond Dogs

AM D114 Pistol Edit


A standard-issue Cygnarian large-caliber pistol. At close range, its destructive power rival that of a rifle, with the stopping power to match. It seems to resemble a 3-way hybrid of the Browning Hi-Power, the Colt M1911A1, and the CZ-97.

Users who used the AM D114 Pistol Edit

  • Kingdom of Cygnar
  • Immoren Mercenaries
  • XOF
  • 151st Legion
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