Arthur Willams disguised as an sniper

Sir Arthur Williams, also known as "The Hunter", "The Cruel Knight" and "Sadistic Nobel" is the brutal serial killer from Zol Earth who traveled the multiverse murdering well over ten thousand people. No one knows much about him and he's wanted by the Joint Police Agency of the Alliance of Civilizations. psychologists have theorized that the man is a 'Thrill' based hedonistic serial killer, as his victims often appear to be 'trophies' akin to that of a big game kill, with them either stuffed or stuffed and mounted (usually their heads), possibly showcasing his 'thrill' of killing the most dangerous of animals, other sentient beings.

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Family and Relatives Edit

  • Sir Elijah Williams- Father (deceased)
  • Lady Elizabeth Williams- Mother
  • Sir Joshua Williams- Older Brother
  • Sir Edward Williams- Younger Brother (deceased)
  • Lady Mary Williams- Older Sister
  • Lady Elizabeth Williams the Second- Younger Sister
  • Knox Jeanes- Adoptive Brother
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