Aryn Leneer
Aryn Leneer
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Balmorra, Xilo Universe

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1425 N.E

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Xilo Galactic Republic, Alliance of Nations


Jedi Knight

Aryn Leneer was a female Human Jedi Knight and former Padawan of Master Ven Zallow. Leneer was immensely talented in the ways of the Force and was particularly noted for her proficiency in Force empathy. When the Sacking of Coruscant occurred, Leneer fled Alderaan against the wishes of the Jedi High Council, sought the man responsible for the death of her master and fought him in a vicious duel; Darth Malgus. The Sith Lord eventually subdued her with his powers but spared her life. The Jedi High Council disowned Leneer for her actions.[1]

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Being an empath, emotions of every range were a daily part of Leneer's life. This gave her the unique ability to personalize with those she interacted with. She laughed easily and earnestly among friends and consoled those whose lives were filled with pain or sadness. She was a steadfast friend and and would stick by her companions during hard times as she proved by neither questioning or abandoning Zeerid Korr when she found out that he was smuggling engspice for the Exchange. She could also give in to her own emotions as when her anger over Master Zallow's death nearly overwhelmed her, but in the end she was able to keep true to herself.

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