The Ascendancy, also known as the Ascended Order is a group of non-corporeal beings, claiming to be the sole survivors of the fallen Human empire before its collapse, they had somehow transcended after many millions of years reaching the evolution to a higher plane of existence, seeking to bring humans into their fold to bring order under and guidance. However, the truth is they seek to use the humans for their own purpose to control and weaken them, even go so far in the belief the Ascendancy sees themselves as true humans while the rest as sub-species.

However, not all appear to agree with their goals and broke away to prevent the renegades from achieving power and disrupt the balance of power. The Ascendancy has been lying in waiting for countless eons, building their forces and observing major powers across the multiverses, studying and learning while seeking ancient relics and technologies from their age before anyone could get their hands on them.



The founding members of the Ascendancy started out during the end of the Second Human Civil War after believing all was lost by both sides that the founders believed forgotten the cause of the eons and devastated their universe, forced to flee using a gateway to another and slept in stasis to escape possible extinction. But when they woke up millions of years later, the once-great empire their civilization had built was destroyed and humanity scattered into many universes, others genetically seeded on worlds to restart evolution.

The survivors saw themselves as the last remnants of the original humans, forced to survive and use resources they could find in a universe they were stuck for eons in times of struggle. But one day, some researchers found a way to enhance their evolution to escape the limits of their physical forms. Some believe this could provide them the key to bring humanity back into their fold and guide them to prevent the same mistakes their ancestors made.


After achieving ascension and existed for millions of years, unable to find any signs If human life after the great destruction they learned of the Ottsel took the role to assist the recreation of several races once made extinct by previous conflicts, including humans. 

Over many eons, the Ascendancy observed other races and cultures who were both neutral, hostile, and uncertain of making contact. Cautious of making their presence known while scavenging for last remnants of their civilization's technologies and remnants to preserve their legacy, fighting one another and formed smaller nations on their own worlds. But many saw the young human cultures who evolved were nothing but barbaric creatures, others mutated into other new forms of human or mingle with others. Becoming aware of the existence of the Entities, a group of extraordinarily powerful beings which far, far, far predates the Precursors and dared not approach them, as the few that did seek them out discovered that not all of the entities were benevolent, case in point the Hunter for whom they believed to be an unstoppable force of nature for as long as it remains distracted by its' enjoyment of the death, destruction, and chaos that has been occurring in the known multiverse for untold eons. 

Studying them from afar and collected samples, the more technologically advanced cultures could pose a threat to them, convinced they were nothing like the Si'con Hamo Imp'lik, more commonly translated as the so-called Second Human Empire. Sending agents under their command to the several worlds to learn and watch from the shadows to perhaps use for their own gain. At the time of the First Multiverse War, the Ascendancy took interest to study the gates of each verse and gather those under their fold in the promise of order in the chaotic times, using the resources given to build their armies and study the strengths and weaknesses of their potential foes. With many races now able to travel between universes, the Ascendancy sees this as a disruption of the balance of the natural order after witnessing the First War.

At the time of the Combine-Chimera Alliance's betrayal to the Axis of Empires, the Ascendancy took advantage to claim some of their territories, though not enough to warrant raise alarm and manipulated the existing mistrust and outright hatred that existing among various Axis factions and indirectly lead to the Wars of the Axis. This approved to the Ascended Order to weaken one of the major powers of the Multiverse.

The Kromagg ConflictEdit

In the rise of power with their order already occupied sizable territories in several universes from outside known powers, they received reports from their forces of outside invaders using small portals, launching a retaliation, and fought the invaders and captured many of their soldiers. The species was revealed to be known as Kromaggs, a species from a parallel Earth in an unknown universe whose species evolved differently or fought against humans for dominance. The Ascendancy learned about their psionic abilities and no match for the Ascended's abilities, extracted information through torment and scanning their minds; and discovered they had acquired the technology of 'sliding' through parallel earths.

With the knowledge they obtained, the Ascendancy could not let such an upstart race use this power and threaten their goals, launching a fullscale invasion on the Kromagg worlds to subjugate and exterminate all those who resist; human or Kromagg alike to strip them the ability to cross through barriers between universes, the Kromaggs, Homaggs and human loyalists with psionic abilities who surrendered, was given two choices: swear their loyalty or be stripped of their psionic powers to prevent any chances of their attempt to retaliate. This gave conflict with the Kromagg further proved their belief that the lesser species with the ability to travel between dimensions pose a greater threat and must be dealt with.

Zi'Kil CampaignEdit

The Ascendancy discovered the universe of Zi'ki by following the signal of possible Edanians in a remote galaxy, determined to obtain not only an advantage over the Combine but to bring more humans and Edanians under their fold, but the stellar power known as the Semerian Commonwealth, ruled by ape-desecended creatures known as Semerians were an agressive expanionsist and not only subjugate and enslave primitaive humans but their creator race as well. The Ascended considered them nothing but brutal savage beasts, but perhaps useful for other courses if they be willing to submit, but doubted.

The Ascendancy launched a full scale attack when their defenses were down during the growing signs of rebellion by their sleeper agents infiltrating all of the Commonwealth. The member of the Ascended, Thr'shann, approached the leaders in their weakened state to listen to their demands. Knowing their Coalition allies occupied in the war against the Chimera and Combine, and growing rebellion of the enslaved races in their galaxy they had no hope.

However, most of the Semerian military officers chose to strike back when they demanded the entirety of the Edanians and any civilized humans released into their care and believed they were members of the Axis of Empires or the Alliance, but the Ascendancy were independant and easily wiped out the maturity of their soldiers and bombard the major cities of their capital planet to show their superior power. Wiped out many who knew of the Edanian outposts and ancient records of a lost empire before them, further weakening the Commonwealth to a point where they would be forced to abandon many of their colonies to fend for themselves. 

Organization Edit

While not exactly a nation, the Ascendancy is made up of evolved humans from the ancient and long since defunct First Human Empire and the Second Human Republic, creating an order and organization from the surviving descendants of both Imperialists and Republicans that fought in the Second Civil War. They grew into a force to be able to construct artificial planets with sustainable atmospheres and habitats, divided into roles such as science for creating new breeds of humans or species suited for certain roles and also for using the knowledge of traveling between universes with ease. A military force using advance genetics and cloning technologies of their finest soldiers to create, along with weapons and vehicles repurposed from the Human Empire’s weaponry and also to maintain a political system which is run by the council known as the Ascended as the highest position for the evolved beings to control the Ascendancy.

when making contact with a new culture and if assimilated, they allow them to continue on, as usual, provided when under their dominion and ‘protection’ that culture is forbidden from knowing the knowledge of dimensional travels, interstellar technologies are limited provided they use for use of interest or to serve them. Since they can create their own materials if needed, they have no need for any tribute, unless of course for research on recent discoveries If it’s used, nor do they need the use of slaves but would assign them to certain roles of work.

If any laws on the agreement have been violated such as the discovery of traveling to another world or universe without their knowledge, that culture will severely be punished by sending their Servitors to that planet to wipe out the large of their military and confiscate all they have discovered to prevent possible chances of an open rebellion or escape.

The Ascendancy appears to tolerate different species and shows some respect to older and more advanced cultures, especially towards Edanians as their creators or parent-race. The primitive and pre-space faring worlds are treated as 2nd class, especially towards humans, hardly considered them the same as their ancestors no matter how similar they may be, spreading chaos wherever they go as the cause for their actions towards humanity.

Despite their quest to bring humanity and other near-human speeches under their rule, some truly believe they wanted to make the Ascendancy a better realm for all, to prevent them from following the same mistake as they did in the Second Human Civil War, while the others wanted to use fear and power onto the servitor races to maintain order.



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