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Atlas Corporation is a private military corporation (PMC). Founded and led by Jonathan Irons, it is the largest such group in the multiverse. Atlas Corporation became well known as the first to act after devastating and catastrophic events and set things right. Atlas Corporation entered Baghdad after the second Gulf War and did more in three years to repair the city than what the government could do in 50. With freedom to act without governmental or congressional approval, the corporation quickly built itself up using its immense funds and fast results. It became the first such corporation to be admitted into the United Nations Security Council. The Altlas Corporation is minor member of the allies and mostly independent. Atlas is part of the Corporation War.


  • Jonathan Irons: The founder and president of Atlas. He was killed by Team Sword during the Corporation Wars
  • Jack Mitchell: Former US Marine. He was defected to the Multiversal Federaton after he discovered the plans about the Corporation joining the Nationalists
  • Ilona: A sniper trained by the Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces and Yevgeny's daughter, Ilona puts her skills to use under employment by the Atlas Corporation. She was killed by her soldiers under her father's orders by Cody Kanobi, however, her defection to the Federation come too late.
  • Gideon Reid: Fergus Reid's brother and operative. He was defected to the Multiversal Federaton to work his brother after Mitchell discovered the plans about the Corporation joining the Nationalists.

Species joining the Atlas Corporation[]