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Small but scrappy, the Aurin (Second Human Empire name Oiki'viki Soi'kone) are a race of forest dwellers whose homeworld was ravaged by the Dominion and the Axis of Empires. They might be into hugging trees, but they're more than ready to bare tooth and claw to defend their new home on Nexus. They have fled to Nexus and joined the Alliance of Nations in the hopes of finding a new home. They are generally well versed in the natural sciences.



First Multiverse War[]

Nercomorph Outbreak on Nexus[]

Second Nercomorph War[]

Final Days of the War[]

Post-War peace[]


Aurin are extremely agile and lithe. Their ears give them a great awareness of their environment, their powerful tails are great tools forswinging through trees, branches, and other obstacles, and their eyes have spectacular vision. They also have claws for climbing up surfaces, and fangs for eating or biting hostiles.

Sexual Dimorphism[]

Aurin are a matriarchal society, up to the physical differences between genders. Females are much taller than males, and only certain females are able to interact with Primal Energies and "the Weave" to form the spiritual connections necessary for their survival and development. These individuals are called Matriarchs.

Males have more varied fur colours than the females. They are the only ones with speckled patterns, two or more different tones, and faded tips. They have also been noted to be "scrappier" and more aggressive than the females.

Ear Styles[]

The varied styles of Aurin ears all developed based on the environment they had evolved in. Arboria having been a planet of many habitats, there are varieties better suited for jungles, in caves, or even in deserts.

Females have more outlandish ears than the males, and males in return have ears resembling Earth animals. The difference is so stark it's been said that female Aurin seem to be wearing novelty headbands.

The Weave[]

The Aurin believe in and can interact with a force called "the Weave," the energy that connects all living beings. This allows them to make an empathic connection with their environment, allowing them to "talk" with organisms like the trees, feel the health of their habitat in their gut, and feed off of the life energy of the flora.

In turn, they take care of their habitat in a symbiotic relationship.


Aurin are omnivorous, and subside on a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. They maintain their lithe, fit physiques this way. Though it is technically possible for an Aurin to become overweight, their strict adherence to balances means that a fat Aurin is either an impossibility or a one-in-a-million occurrence.

They react strongly to caffeine. The already hyperactive and chipper Aurin will become a supersonic dynamo, running around full-tilt for what seems like forever after having just one cup of a drink such as coffee.