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The Aurora-class battleship was a series of Lantean battleships used during their war with the Wraith. The Atlantis expedition first encountered this class of ships in the form of the Aurora, and only four have been encountered since the fall of the Lanteans, excluding those built by the Asurans. The Lantean name for this class of ship has never been revealed. However, Replicator Keller called them Aurora-class as well though she may have been using this name as it was the one the Organic Asuran copies of the team knew.


Built by the Lanteans during their war with the Wraith, the Aurora-class is considered to be among the most advanced class of warships ever created, with only the Asgard-modified Daedalus-class seen to rival the power of at least older variants. It is unknown how an Ori warship, the New Republic Assault Frigate Mark I, the Klingon K't'inga warship or the Asgard O'Neill-class ship would fare against one of these vessels, but at peak capacity just one of them is more than a match for an entire fleet of Wraith Hive ships or Imperial Victory-I Class Star Destroyer.

Technology Edit

Command and control systems Edit

These spaceships contained a subspace communications array allowing them to send out distress signals or communicate at faster-than-light speeds with other vessels at interstellar distances. They can also project stable holograms onto other ships capable of also projecting sound, however sound cannot be transmitted back to the projecting ship. This may just be because of the massive difference in speed and the distance it was being transmitted and that when they are closer and travelling at a similar speed it may be possible.

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