Aurra Sing, also known as Nashtah, was once a female Jedi Padawan, but following a series of tragedies and misfortunes, she left the Jedi Order to become a vicious bounty hunter specializing in Jedi and political assassinations. She even became an associate in the posse of Cad Bane, a brief mentor of the orphaned Boba Fett, a commander for the Axis of Empires during the First War


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Aurra Sing was one of the most powerful and ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy. She possessed a great hatred of Jedi, believing that they had abandoned her. Because of this she was an angry and pained individual and Aayla Secura took advantage of this by taunting her about being abandoned by the Jedi Order, allowing her to defeat Sing. Sing had no qualms about committing murder and killed Clone Commander Ponds without a second thought. During her youth, she was also noted for being very aggressive, and therefore the Jedi Council placed her under the instruction of An'ya Kuro. However, Sing hated Kuro, possibly because she used brutal and, to some, disturbing training methods, and she quickly believed that the Jedi Master had abandoned her when she was captured by pirates and thus turned to the dark side.

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